Support for Legislative Action

This past March (2019), advocate Francesca Testa let us know about a bill being debated in the Connecticut General Assembly that would mandate the second dose of the MenACWY vaccine for all students across the state. Thanks to Francesca, NMA was able to reach out to our network of advocates and submit nearly a dozen letters to the committee in support of the bill. Advocates shared with lawmakers how meningitis had touched their lives, and the letters were posted on the General Assembly website.

Francesca attended the hearing in person. She got in touch with NMA a few days later and told us how massive and virulent the anti-vaccine presence was in the chamber. As frustrating as that can be, it further underscores the important work of NMA advocates who share their stories and educate others about the vaccines available in the hope that other families don’t have to experience the devastating impact of meningitis. 

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