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For young adults, the future is full of hope and infinite possibilities. Meningococcal disease shouldn’t be one of them.

NMA has 150 advocates across the country, and 50 video stories. The following are some of our advocates and their stories.

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  • Blake Schuchardt - One day during Blake’s senior year, he stayed home from school because he wasn’t feeling well. He woke… Learn More
  • Laurie Hartwig - When Laurie Hartwig and her husband dropped their 18-year-old daughter McKenzie off for her freshman year at the… Learn More
  • Chris Putnam - Chris Putnam knew very little about meningococcal disease before watching her 18-year-old daughter Jennie fight for her life.… Learn More
  • Carl Buher - Carl was a freshman in high school when he came home from playing football complaining that he didn’t… Learn More
  • Melody Albrecht - On July 5, Melody Albrecht’s son, Drew, came home from football camp practice with a bad headache, which… Learn More
  • Evelyn Brooks - Evelyn Brooks lost her 21-year-old daughter, Paula, a senior at the University of Missouri, to a rare bacterial… Learn More
  • Andy Marso - On April 27, 2004, Andy was in eastern Kansas covering a high school softball game for his part-time… Learn More
  • Joan Sawyer - While Joan Sawyer had heard of meningococcal disease, vaccination against the disease was not a requirement when her… Learn More
  • Tammy Futterman - Tammy’s daughter, Rachel, a gifted dancer and a talented volleyball player, tragically lost her life on September 22,… Learn More
  • Peter Purdy - One morning 10 years ago, Peter woke up feeling very ill. By that evening he was in a… Learn More
  • Nancy Day - Nancy Day of Dallas, Texas, never suspected meningococcal disease, a rare, yet potentially deadly bacterial infection, could strike… Learn More
  • Lannie Bratton - Lannie Bratton’s son, Larry, almost lost his life in April 2008 to meningococcal disease. Larry began feeling a… Learn More