Molly DeJourdan

Molly’s Story

Molly DeJourdan’s son Kentin was a vibrant one-year-old when he tragically lost his life to meningococcal disease. The day after celebrating his first birthday, Kentin began acting fussy after dinner and felt warm. Molly discovered he was running a fever, and gave him Tylenol before putting him to bed for the night with a fever of only 100.2. The next day he was barely conscious. Kentin was immediately rushed to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with meningococcal disease. Doctors administered antibiotics to stop the spread of infection, but told Molly that Kentin’s condition was very serious. However, the next day, Kentin’s organs began to fail and he passed away in his father’s arms.

“It is important for parents to educate themselves about meningococcal disease and to be aware of its symptoms,” said Molly. “I encourage parents to talk to their child’s health care provider about vaccination and whether their children are at risk for this devastating disease.”

Molly and Kentin

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