Lori Buher

Lori Buher’s Story

Lori Buher has served on the Board of the National Meningitis for 10 years and was named Secretary in 2018. Lori had never heard of meningococcal disease before her son Carl contracted the life-threatening bacterial infection when he was 14. Carl survived, but doctors had to amputate both his legs below the knees to save his life. Over the past 15 years, Lori has written extensively about her family’s experience with meningitis for various media outlets and blogs. She has also petitioned the Washington State Board of Health to add meningococcal vaccine to the list of required vaccinations. Lori is passionate about supporting survivors as they become advocates and learn to use their experiences to help others. She uses her platform as NMA Secretary to speak at school and community events in order to spread the message of vaccination and meningitis prevention. Lori resides in Mt. Vernon, Washington

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