Adam Busuttil

Adam’s Story

Adam Busuttil was a healthy college student majoring in music education and marching in a drum line as part of a Big Ten band when he almost lost his life to meningococcal disease. Adam’s symptoms started like cold or flu. He fell in the shower and while doctors were treating the injuries related to the fall, he went into septic shock. That was when he was diagnosed with meningitis. Adam lost parts of seven fingers and four toes to the disease. He spent a year in therapy relearning everyday tasks and how to play percussion instruments. Adam is now a high school music teacher and an advocate for meningococcal disease education and prevention.

“As a high school educator, I feel it’s important that I share my experience with meningitis so my students don’t have to go through the same ordeals I did,” said Adam. “I hope that people learn from my experience and get vaccinated.”

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